Youtube MP3 converter. Convert Youtube to MP3 with Keepvid. (2024)

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Keepvid is an easy-to-use, free and https-secure Youtube video to MP3 converter online that supports M4A, WEBM, etc.

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Keepvid is Youtube MP3 Converter

In best traditions of Keep vid, we've made ours do what the original did best - convert Youtube videos to MP3, plain and simple. You can search for Youtube videos of your choice using our special search function, simply start entering video title or artist name, and we will kick in with suggestions taylored for your geo's local trends. You can also bring your own video URL, since search sometimes may return too many ambiguous videos that don't exactly provide the one you are looking for. So go ahead, open that video in your browser or Youtube app, click on the Share button and Copy Link of the video. Then insert it into the white box above, hit Download and wait for video download options. Make sure HQ MP3 is selected, and go ahead, convert video to MP3. You may also choose to downlaod one of the other audio formats we provide, use right-click + Save As / Download link option to save file to your device and rename it properly. Here are some of the features we're proud of here at Keepvid MP3 division:

How to convert Youtube to MP3 music file?

  • ASTEP 1: copy video link from Youtube app, then paste it into our white entry box on top
  • BSTEP 2: wait while we scan the page to see if video there can be converted to MP3 file
  • CSTEP 3: finally, selected MP3 in dropdown menu, click Get Link, press the green button

Save Youtube audio in MP3, M4A, WEBM, etc formats
  • Youtube MP3 converter. Convert Youtube to MP3 with Keepvid. (4)
  • Youtube MP3 converter. Convert Youtube to MP3 with Keepvid. (5)
  • Youtube MP3 converter. Convert Youtube to MP3 with Keepvid. (6)

Here are some of the other formats offered here at Keepvid on Youtube to MP3 converter - they are M4A and Webm. Those would be original audio quality from Youtube. While everyone insists on 320Kbps MP3, the original M4A doesn't provide that depth of sound that could justify 320kbps MP3 conversion, so we go with 256kbps, although original M4A sounds slightly better, if you are an audiophile like we are here at Keepvid. We also pass other audio formats if available, like AAC, audio-only MP4, etc.


Ytmp3 converter app

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Convert Youtube videos to MP3 audio and save files to your device all with this nifty MP3 Converter webapp. It basically uses website, makes it become an app, with 1 web domain locked into your favorite browser, so it looks and feels like a native app. Try it out, it needs no updates and takes next to zero room on your device.

Smart access shortcut

Download Mp4

This is an extended bookmark - bookmarklet, or as some people call it - a shortcut. If you drag and drop it to your browser's bookmarks, you can later quickly navigate from some online video to Keepvid downloader page in 1 click without need to copy/paste the URL.

F.A.Q. Section

Easy way to convert Youtube video to mp3?

  1. Use Share button to Copy Link (video URL address)
  2. Open keepvid, paste video into white box and press Download.
  3. Use HQ MP3 option or any other audio extractor to download Youtube audio.

Any daily limits on Mp3 converter usage?

No. Plain and simple, no limits, just please respect others, convert MP3 one at a time.

Where do I find downloaded audio files?

Go into your browser's "Download history", you can usually access it by pressing CTRL+J or via the three-dot browser's menu (select Downloads).

How to download Youtube to mp3 on iPhone?

  1. Open video in Youtube app and copy the link
  2. Paste the link into the search box up on top, hit red Download button
  3. Tic the HQ MP3 option of the converter menu, then hit Get Download Link and proceed to convert and save the audio file. You may need Documents app to successfully complete this step x step.

What audio formats do you offer/convert?

Check the drop-down menu before saving the audio file, it has other options besides HQ MP3. Use right-click + Save As to download and save files other than MP3.

Do you convert Youtube playlist to MP3?

Yes. You will need to do your part and give us that playlist URL though, as we don't do our own playlist search on Youtube just yet. So copy URL into our entry box and hit Download to see all videos in playlist show up in a grid, then click on those you want and convert Yt playlist to MP3, one x one, pls.

Youtube MP3 converter. Convert Youtube to MP3 with Keepvid. (2024)
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