3rd Grader Proves How Intuitive GoAnimate Is | Vyond (2024)

We love watching and sharing what our users are doing with GoAnimate. A particularly delightful video traveled around the GoAnimate office that was created by a father/daughter duo, Jamye and Colt Craig.

At just nine years old, Jamye produced, wrote, and starred in her first animated video with GoAnimate. What started as a school project turned into an empowering tool for the 3rd grader to find her comedic voice.

Take a look below at the lesson Jamye created using GoAnimate.

Jamye’s fun science lesson is a perfect example of the creative ways GoAnimate can be used in education, and how easy it is to create a video. We caught up with her father, Colt, an instructional designer in the IT department at GM Financial, and GoAnimate subscriber, to learn more about his experience creating an animated video with his daughter.

How do you use GoAnimate professionally?

CC: I actually started using GoAnimate at GM Financial after my boss tasked me with finding a program that we could use to create educational videos. After looking at several different vendors, I landed on GoAnimate because of the flexibility that’s allowed in the program and the overall professionalism and clean look of the site. It’s pretty evident that your team puts in a lot of work into the platform.

Our main videos are on compliance, but we use GoAnimate for training and even internal marketing. We have one video where we turned our senior leaders into characters and had them sing happy birthday.

How did this video come to be?

CC: Jamye came to me saying, “I have this project, and the teacher said you can do the project in any media format you want.” I had just finished making a couple GoAnimate videos for work so I asked, “Do you want to do an animated video cartoon?” and she said, “Well, of course I wanna do a cartoon!” I showed her GoAnimate and let her create a character to get a feel for it and see if she really did want to put in the work. To start, she had a requirement on the project that you have to have two facts per planet, so that’s how Jamye started her script.

Even as a third grader, at nine years old, she really dove into the GoAnimate Character Creator and choosing the different actions for the characters. Then, when she realized that she was not limited to just the library of assets and could add her own images, like the starry background (which is what we used for the background of the entire video) it really took off. I helped her out with Photoshop to get the selected images to where they needed to be to be used as a prop in the program. It kind of went from there. Jamye put in the work and she really enjoyed it.

After she wrote the entire script and I took a look at it and I said “Why don’t we make it kind of funny?” and she was like, “Oh, we can do funny”.

We worked on the jokes together. I just left the microphone on and we played off each other. Then when we found one that we thought fit really well she would recut it and that’s the one we would use.

We picked out weird pictures, like a brain flying across the screen and apparently the brain was the coolest part of the video to her class. You can get an idea of third grade humor.

Jamye’s a really shy kid. After watching the video, her teacher said, “I didn’t know she had such a personality!” It allowed her to give a different side of her that no one really gets to see in the classroom.

What was your advice to your daughter as she made her video?

CC: Keep it simple. There’s a million things that we could have done with that video to make it really dazzling. One of the things that I remembered watching as a kid was Schoolhouse Rock and every episode I watched, I would remember what it was about. I showed her a couple Schoolhouse rock videos on YouTube and told her to think about it like that, keep it simple.

How was it received at school?

CC: She got an A+ on the project! Her teacher loved it so much that a month or so later when they had an open house at school she played Jamye’s video on loop on the big projector screen for everyone to see as they came into the classroom because she was so proud of it.

Afterwards, she emailed me and asked for permission to use it to kick off the project for next year’s classes. Jamye’s teacher thoroughly enjoyed it.

What was your favorite part?

CC: Honestly, my favorite part was me and her working together.

GoAnimate is designed to allow business people with no background in animation (or in special circ*mstances, nine year olds completing a class project) to quickly and easily create animated videos. For schools, like Jamye’s, that encourage creativity in any medium, GoAnimate for Schools is a great resource. It is a school-safe platform that allows teachers and students to create animated videos in the classroom under the supervision of their teacher. Either way, happy animating!

3rd Grader Proves How Intuitive GoAnimate Is | Vyond (2024)


Is GoAnimate kid friendly? ›

Some cartoon violence and crude language make this site inappropriate for young kids.

What is GoAnimate called now? ›

What is GoAnimate called now? GoAnimate is now called Vyond, following its rebranding in 2018.

What is GoAnimate known for? ›

GoAnimate (sometimes stylized as Go! Animate) is a cloud-based platform for creating and distributing animated videos.

Is GoAnimate based off Family Guy? ›

Comedy World was a theme that debuted in 2009, most known to be used for GoAnimate videos more than any other themes, and it's the most beloved theme on the website. It is based on Seth MacFarlane's animated sitcoms, such as Family Guy and American Dad!. This is evident by the fact it has the id of "family".

Is it OK for a 13 year old to watch cartoons? ›

Yeah dude, that's fine. You have to grow up eventually, but you will probably just want to grow up when the time is right. You're 13, so to me you are still a kid. Just chill out and do what you enjoy.

Is GoAnimate shutting down? ›

On June 30, 2019, support and services ended for GoAnimate for Schools.

What is the age limit for GoAnimate? ›

Content is suitable for those who are generally sixteen years and older. The limit used to be seventeen years but was changed to the current rules as of 1972. Children under these limits are not admitted unless they are accompanied by a parent or guardian, and must show ID if they are over these limits.

Why was GoAnimate discontinued? ›

GoAnimate for Schools was built on older technology (Flash) that will no longer be supported by all major browsers beginning in 2020. In preparation for this, we decided to retire GoAnimate for Schools instead of rewriting it using newer technology.

Who invented GoAnimate? ›

In 2007, Alvin Hung created GoAnimate out of a need to make videos on an easy-to-use platform.

What country is GoAnimate? ›

Vyond (formerly known as GoAnimate until 2018; stylized as Go! Animate until 2013) is an American cloud-based animated video creation platform created by Alvin Hung in 2007 and developed by the San Mateo, California-based GoAnimate, Inc.

Does GoAnimate cost money? ›

GoAnimate pricing starts at $39 a month with three plans, a $79/mo and a $159. mo. Annual packages available.

Is Family Guy in 2D? ›

Some well-known popular 2D animations include: Looney Tunes (Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd) Classic Disney (Snow White, The Jungle Book, The Little Mermaid) TV shows (The Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park, Rick and Morty)

Is Family Guy set? ›

Set in the fictional city of Quahog, Rhode Island, the show exhibits much of its humor in the form of metafictional cutaway gags that often lampoon American culture.

Who is childish dad? ›

Dave (Who is also known as "Childish Dad"), is a character made by TheRealRandomLozzie. He is known for having very childish and infantile behaviour.

Is animation for children or adults? ›

For kids, it's a starting ground for learning and discovering newer worlds. Adults can get away from the seriousness of life, feed their imagination, and get their “art” fix. Everyone can learn good lessons from animation and develop new ideas.

Is animation made for kids? ›

Animated films and television shows are enjoyed by children and adults who appreciate the art form's creativity and storytelling. Animation is no longer solely for children, as adult audiences have come to appreciate its storytelling capabilities.

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